Israel’s Largest Institutional Investment Conference; Over $1 Trillion Under Management

DC Finance invites you to join Israel’s largest Institutional Investment Conference that for over a decade is bringing hundreds of institutional investment committee members, investors and nostro managers from Israel’s leading insurance companies, pension, provident and endowment funds that represent over a $1 Trillion of assets under management. Also in attendance are CFOs of large cap companies and family offices who are invited as well.

The event brings approximately 200 investment managers and investment committee members of pension, provident and mutual funds, nostro managers at the local banks and insurance firms, CFOs of large cap firms and private institutional investors with approximately $1 Trillion under management (not including capital managed by CFOs of large cap companies).

The agenda explores the following areas: commodities, infrastructure, real estate, forex, asset allocation strategies, risk management, equities, fixed income, global private equity strategies, ETFs, green energy projects, Chilean pension system based investment vehicles, institutional credit loans and other related topics.

The conference provides an annual meeting place for the investment decision makers of the insurance firms, provident funds, pension funds, continued educational funds, mutual funds, banks, large companies and other nostro managers. The conference brings CIOs and CEOs of Israel’s largest Institutional bodies for an update on the recent developments in the investment world. The speakers include leading worldwide CIOs, regulators, administration officials and academic lecturers from Israel and abroad.

 Our main speakers this year:

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