Nir Kahn – Founder and CEO

Nir Kahn – Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Nir Kahn - Founder and CEO
Has a rich background in entrepreneurship
Holds a BA from the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) in hotel management.
A master's degree EMBA From the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ten years experience in senior positions in companies in North America, specializing in the development of hotel leisure sites and real estate in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

Founder of Israel first private stem cells bank in 2001.
Founder and CEO of few companies in the field of stem cells banking and preservation. Such includes: Cryo-Cell Israel, Cryo-Save Israel and Beauty-Cell Israel. These activities currently has about 10,000 customers and had been active for the last 15 years and going on.

Kahn was among the leading activists for the legislation and regulation of the private stem cell banking industry in Israel through "Israel cord blood law".

Founded Keren 35 Ltd. (YAZAMNOO) in order to allow every Israeli family the opportunity to become partners alongside a team of investors in major real estate deals, with major developers, and the ability to achieve exceptional investment results on projects that have some of the largest economies of scale.
Keren 35 Ltd. is managed with transparency, supervision, accountability and professionalism.