Mr. Gil Gershler

Mr. Gil Gershler

College of Management

Gil is the head of the specialization in finance and insurance in the Department of Economics in the academic track of the College of Management. He has been a lecturer in economics and finance at leading academic institutions for the last 15 years.

Gil combines his academic activity with active activity in various positions in the Israeli capital market, including activity on boards of directors of leading financial institutions in the capital market and in the banking system. Beyond that, Gil is involved in economic consulting and entrepreneurship. Among other things, he served for several years as the manager of the investment division and member of management of "old pension fund members" and served as CEO of a provident fund company.

Prior to these activities, Gil engaged in mergers and acquisitions, such as managing the project for the sale of new pension funds to insurance companies.

Gil holds a BA in Economics and International Relations with honors from the Hebrew University and a Masters degree in Business Administration, Economics and International Relations, all with honors.