Mr. Sasha Cucuz

Mr. Sasha Cucuz

Partner, Greybrook Capital, CEO of Greybrook Securities


Sasha is an experienced private equity professional. As the CEO of Greybrook Securities, he directs Greybrook’s capital markets activities across the firm’s focus areas in real estate and healthcare. Sasha has completed over 50 acquisitions throughout the Greybrook portfolio and has been instrumental in expanding Greybrook’s roster of high net worth and institutional clients globally. Operationally, Sasha co-manages Greybrook Realty Partners’ business across both its Asset Management and Capital Markets verticals. His deep understanding of both operations and the capital markets has proven to be invaluable in leading the firm’s evaluation of prospective investments.

Sasha serves as the co-chair of Greybrook’s advisory committee for all active limited partnerships, and the co-chair of Greybrook’s investment committee.

As the former CEO of Greybrook Health, Sasha played a critical role in the launch of Greenbrook TMS (TSX: GTMS) and Greybrook’s prior portfolio acquisitions of MacuHealth and Bruder Health Care. He currently serves on the board of Greenbrook TMS, as well as on the boards of a number of Greybrook affiliated companies and the Blu Genes Foundation, a charity dedicated to funding the advancement of the science of gene therapy for the treatment of various genetic disorders.

After receiving a B.A. in Economics from York University in 2000, Sasha went on to play professional hockey for three seasons. Following this, he began his career at TD Securities and CIBC before moving on to start Greybrook Capital with his partners Elias Vamvakas and Peter Politis.