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Mr. Eldad Tamir

Co-Founder and CEO, Tamir Fishman Investment House

Eldad is considered one of the pillars of the Israeli investing community, with over 25 years of experience in investment management, banking, investment banking and venture capital. He is the founder and CEO of the Tamir Fishman group That manages over 5 B $ in diffrent asset classes ( mutual funds, portfolio management, hedge funds, stock option management, 3 venture funds, one tech related Rusia fund, and more.) ,and a top banking firm for Israeli tech companies . Eldad is leading the strategic investment committee of the firm.
Eldad personaly managed dozens of public offerings and M&A transactions on stock markets in the USA, Europe and Israel.

Eldad previously served as Executive Vice President of the Evergreen Group and CEO of Evergreen Capital Markets, where he founded Evergreen Investment Management and Evergreen Mutual Funds. Within this framework, he was responsible for the relationship between Evergreen and Robertson Stephens, and managed all of the company’s business activities. Eldad also served as VP of Finance and Investments at the financial arm of the Clal Ltd., one of the leading companies in the Israeli economy, and as a strategic planning consultant at SBD, where he led strategic consulting for companies at the forefront of the economy.
Eldad has taught investment banking and investment management in the MBA program at Tel Aviv University
Eldad is a public figure in israel , a member of the local SharkTank TV show , is a comentator on other TV Economic programs . His other activities include volunteer service as a member of the advisory committee of Tmura, a non-profit venture capital fund, and as a member of the investment committee for Tel Aviv University funds.
Eldad holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. He served as a Tank batalion commander in the IDF.

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